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A Brief History of Netherstowe House

Netherstowe House began as a water-powered mill and mill-house that first operated in 1180 by Gilbert Poun a Chamberlain of Bishop Piece, resulting in the name Pones Mill. From at least 1809 until 1817 Ones Mill was a woollen Manufactory operated by Thomas Morgan, the son of a Lichfield bookseller.

By 1827 the mill was owned by two men in the hosiery trade in Leicester – Thomas Hitchcock and John Sultzer, who produced caperers and knitting yarns from the premises. Hitchcock lived in the mill house and operated the mill until 1841, but in 1848 only Sultzer – Mayor of Lichfield, was recorded as the owner.

Pones Mill was later turned in a half-timbered Netherstowe House residence. During the 20th Century ownership of the property frequently changed.

Just over 10 years ago...

Netherstowe House was transformed by the current owners – the Heathcote family – into a boutique hotel. The family, have owned Netherstowe House for many years, initially as much-loved family home. Our core purpose at Netherstowe House is to make people happy by delivering sincere, five-star hospitality.