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History Behind the Bedroom Names

At Netherstowe House the main building which dates back to 1180 accommodates 9 boutique bedrooms.

All 9 bedrooms are named after famous people that were either born or related to the City of Lichfield.

We will be bringing each rooms history to you in our future blogs, today we start with Johnson Room.


The Johnson Room is named after Samuel Johnson also referred to as Dr Johnson.

He was a poet, playwright, essayist, moralist, biographer, editor, lexicographer and literary critic. He was also an Anglican and philanthropist.

Born in Lichfield in 1709, he attended Pembroke College in Oxford, however lack of funds forced him to leave early.

He went on to work as a teacher in London, where he also began writing for ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine’.

Nine years later in 1755 Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language was published.

It has been acclaimed as the “greatest single achievement of scholarship” which gave him a lot of popularity and success; the dictionary was unrivalled until the completion of the Oxford English Dictionary 150 years later.


“The True Measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good “

Samuel Johnson

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