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The Darwin Room – Named After Erasmus Darwin

It is Time for another Blog !

Today we are talking about another one of our boutique bedrooms, the Darwin Room which is named after Erasmus Darwin.

He was a physician, a key thinker of the Midlands Enlightenment, a natural philosopher, a physiologist, an inventor and apoet.

His poems usually talked about natural history, evolution and everything that was related to any forms of life.

Darwin was also a founding member of the Lunar Society of Birmingham in 1765, they greatly opposed the slave trade which Darwin voiced in his publication ‘The Botanical Garden.’ The society was also an intellectual driving force behind England’s Industrial Revolution.

After Darwin obtained his medical education at the university of Edinburgh he set up as a physician in Nottingham. However there was little success in Nottingham so he decided to move to the city of Lichfield and try here instead.

Within a few Weeks of his arrival, he restored the health of a young man whose death seemed inevitable. This has gave him great recognition and helped him establish his career which lasted for over fifty years. As a highly successful physician Darwin was also given an invitation from George III to become the King’s physician, however he did decide turn this offer down choosing instead to concentrate on his theory of evolution, poetry and inventions.

Darwin is buried in Breadsall Priory which is just north of Derby, he moved here but unfortunately after a few short weeks he become ill and passed away on the 18th April 1802. The Darwin’s family home in Lichfield has now been turned into a fantastic museum dedicated to Darwin and is well worth a visit.


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