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The Netherstowe House Hotel Rug…

It is just a rug, right? A worn one at that. Why do we not replace it?
It has been trampled on, feet wiped, absorbed spillages and on some occasions crawled on.

This is the beginning of your journey, whether a quick visit, afternoon tea or a night in Netherstowe House. It is also the end of the chapter upon leaving. You may not even notice it is there!

Memories are built from the moment you step in to Netherstowe House to the moment you leave, from a passing comment to an amusing anecdote creates that the environment we all thrive in. The staff share the experiences we encounter with guests. After you have left your echo remains. 

Many names live with us and have changed our lives, reliving the moments we were made to laugh, smile, or – very rarely – cry, still give us joy.

​Is it just a rug? Yes. When it is stepped on, or over, the story is just beginning….

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